Boba Baby Carrier
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Boba Baby Carrier

About This Project

The Boba Family of baby carries is a dedicated group of individuals making great and comfortable carriers for newborns, babies and toddlers. They truly work hard to support baby wearing, natural parenting, and other practices of secure bonding and attachment. Based out of Boulder, CO; the Boba Family has truly made an impact with their solid designs and construction. Their designs are unique in a way that no zippers, buttons or metal rings make up their support system.

Our firm was thrilled when Robert Antunovic, President & CEO of Boba Family, called upon CIHYA to undertake the crucial tasks of revamping a family of logos, creation of new logos, design new lines of packaging, design instructional manuals (in more than 7 different languages), create a consistent online and print ads campaign, create trade show materials, stationery sets and most of their collateral materials.

Our first project came with time restraints. We had to concept and design the identity for a new line of products. The scope of the project consisted of a logo, establishing a primary & secondary color palate, package design, instructional manual design, finalize artwork and submit to China based production facility. CIHYA completed the project in two weeks record time.

“We just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how much we appreciate your work. It is difficult to find a design company with a combination of genius creativity, discipline, promptness and hard work. You guys got it. We love the fact that even when we go overboard and change our mind for the tenth time you are still patiently there for us and handle everything perfectly each and every time. It does make our life easier. Thanks guys!” -Robert Antunovic, Boba Family

Branding, Package Design, Print, Trade Show